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Welcome to the beehive of Bunabee, where all the things get their final and most important touch – a unique name to differentiate them from any other name in the world.


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What we do - POLLINATION

For us, the process of naming is as important for a company as the pollination is for the plant.

The bees are invisible heroes of the flowers. They transport the pollen and plant the seed which makes them grow big, healthy and expand through the vast space. If effective, these pollinators will make the flower beautiful and reach Its maximum potential. Without the bee, though, the flower will never achieve its full growth.

We are the ‘’pollinators’’ of your ideas. The correct name that can stick out and impress is more effective than any needless marketing and money-draining investments that might or might not work. Naming your company/URL/brand the right way will, as is the case with the flower, make it big and beautiful and of course, would allow it to be seen and noticed from afar.

The name is the identity and the mark by which the things are known, let the diligent bees of Bunabee be the natural pollinators of the attractive and famous flower that your brand might become.


How we do it - BZZZ

In this hive, the bees never sleep. You can hear the buzzing sound from the hive all day and night long, and if you listen closely – you can hear the new words being created and sent off into the world!

We are always buzzing around, enthusiastically brainstorming and thinking of the best and most creative ways to improve the brands, URLs, business with our interesting and industrious ideas. If you visit the hive, you will notice that the word-crafting is always unique, special and well-thought. After each crafted word, we are even more eager to find the new, open-minded solutions in the infinite world that the language is.


  • No limit to potential name suggestions – We do the crafting until you’re satisfied.
  • Careful and thorough naming process.
  • We consider all details you provide and we focus our work around those points.
  • No randomizing and guessing. All names are relevant according to your requests.


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About Us - THE SWARM

Our team is made of creative and hardworking people that focus the most of their attention on the power of words. We like to compare ourselves with the bees because of the known diligence and effectiveness of these little workers that make our lives colorful and sweet. That is the exact same way we would like our clients' lives to be.

We are a close-knit group of open-minded people and we channel all our power in creating something different in the naming world. The Bunabee hive is constantly buzzing, working, thinking and waiting for the similar clients to form a bond and share the ideas with.

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