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,,Know thy
self’’ is well-known and often used Ancient Greek aphorism, which in a philosophical way says that the most important, and equally difficult task is to figure out who you really are. It is not strange at all that this wisdom can be so universally used in all fields of life – including business, which is what our team found out when it had to give a name for itself.

How to name a naming agency?

Finding out the essence of what you truly are and what you aspire to be and do; getting to know the best of your qualities and abilities, merging it together into a classy, recognized and a unique name was a process unlike any other for our creative minds. What was, in theory, a simple task (especially for a professional team full of veteran, open-minded name-crafters), proved to be a steep mountain to climb.

Naming a naming agency, especially our own naming agency, was a professional challenge that would show if we are up for any task. It was the peak of our work and a puzzle that would, if solved, show us that we are where we want to be.  There were some very important points that needed to be addressed by one simple, yet unique name – professionalism, experience, hard work, creativity, and linguistic skills.

Highlighting the key traits

Even though there were a lot of creative ideas, the key parameter that had been taken into consideration is professionalism. It is essential that every visitor of the website (and, of course, a potential client) has the right impression that the team that is behind this name is a team of true, dedicated and creative professionals. That immediately removed any chance of naming the agency, for e.g. superultranamesforyourbusiness.com. That just wasn’t the way to go. As professional and creative name-crafters, we wanted to stand out. When the clients take a look at the non-generic name of our website, they must have the feeling that we are striving to provide each one with an equally unique, one-of-a-kind name.

Experience is something that is best shown through deeds. In the past, our team named various businesses crafted the names for hundreds of products and attractive URLs, but it wasn’t the same as naming yourself. Naming a naming agency and showing its experience in this area was the hardest. The idea was, if an experience is to be shown by a simple name, then the team should know that the name itself doesn’t need to be strictly connected to the business side. It is something that people in this field of work know very well. We figured – if we show all our traits with a lovely name not connected to the naming business, it will be the best indicator of experience.

Knowing now that the name of the site will not be directly connected to the naming world made us turn our imaginative minds into another direction. Thinking about what makes us really strong in this field is the collected, hive-like mind and amazing productivity. The team is working with a coherent synergy and a natural understanding. Hard work, natural ‘buzz’, productivity and numbers made us think about the amazing world of bees. Thinking about that, we realized, we are to a business what a bee is to a flower – A driving outside force and an outmost help for a flower to grow beautiful, noticeable and healthy. The hard work, productivity, togetherness, and creativity, as well as the agency’s help to the other businesses, is our essence. This is where the name began to shape.

Challenging the creative mind

Creativity is a side of this business that makes it remarkably special. This team of creative individuals had a task of creating an ideal name for itself. The team approaches every naming task thoroughly and with a lot of brainstorming, inspiration and creative chaos. The problem is, at first, the typical approach of a brain and word mapping wasn’t as efficient as it is with naming restaurants, clubs, groceries, and e-commerce. This task was introspective. We were supposed to come up with something witty, that will not evoke our naming skill directly, but hide it under the surface. We had to hide all the ‘buzz’ inside the name, but of course, we wanted it to sound lovely.

It was supposed to feel natural and melodic when it’s spoken and the tongue is never happy to twist too much, so we finally, after a lot of brainstorming, thought that the name Bunabee – Business naming bee. The diligent, creative, productive team of name-crafters that will always come up with something spicy, different and unique for any type of business. The reliability, creativity, and eagerness of the agency should be shown just by letting the name roll of your tongue.  The name sounded melodic, new and it with a lasting, rememberable effect. That is how the name was born.

Analyzing the end product

Looking at the name – Bunabee, it was meant to have a couple of simple, but effective linguistic solutions. The most important part in forging new and unforgettable names is how can you master the skill of the language and all the variables the gift of the language gives us. One of the most important aspects of this team is that a lot of members, although extremely proficient in the English language, are non-native. It is scientifically proven that the more different languages there are gathered around one, universal language (in our case it is, of course, English), the linguistic solutions become more diverse, as the impact of the word-building nature of other languages makes the name-crafting much more fun and original.

We will help you to come up with catchy names too.

The end product of this long and thoroughly examined path of self-reflection is our name. By explaining this process, we want to give our clients a little peek of what we actually do and how many different things the hard-working bees of this agency are taking into consideration when they want to provide a new, original name for the client. We are hoping that all the clients leave the beehive with the product of utmost quality, and that is what we aspire to do.